LMS (LetMeSpeak) is an application with which every user can learn English from scratch, from pronunciation of letters to a full course. The program is based on the SAAS platform which allows you to manage learning and evaluate your results. The utility is very handy because it is designed specifically for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones running on iOS. Therefore, if you have a desire to master English, our website offers to download the official version of LMS (LetMeSpeak) for free at the above link.

The application LMS (LetMeSpeak) is designed specifically for iOS.


  • carrying out training for novice users and those who need to improve their skills;
  • development of individual training plans;
  • creation of corporate mobile portals;
  • carrying out certification;
  • organization of training for several people simultaneously;
  • creation of a unified internal base for training;
  • collecting data for statistics and analytics on the studied material.

Download LMS (LetMeSpeak)

To install the application on your device, click on the link offered by our website. Wait for the application to fully load and for the icon to appear on the screen. Click the icon again, enter your name or nickname, and start learning.


LMS (LetMeSpeak) is a handy program that will let you learn English from scratch without leaving home. Learning courses look like a game, here you will be able to communicate with a virtual person in English. The platform is interesting and multifunctional.